This is Hardox® In My Body

Hardox® In My Body

A sign 
of quality

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Crafted to perfection

The Hardox® In My Body sign is a certificate for leading manufacturers of heavy equipment, proving that their products and production methods meet the highest quality standards. The certificate ensures that the product is made of Hardox® wear plate.

Red Hardox® container.
A person placing a Hardox® sign on a bucket.

A true quality mark, granted only to the best products on the market. Seeking tough, durable, and cost-efficient constructions made of genuine Hardox® wear plate? Look for the Hardox® In My Body sign.

Manufactured with Hardox® wear plate

This logo ensures that the product is made with Hardox® wear plate from SSAB. The Hardox® In My Body sign indicates that your buckets, containers, mixers, demolition tools, and other applications are first-class products with unrivaled wear and impact strength, allowing you to save time and money on a long-term basis. You can relax knowing that you’ll get a superior steel product from a certified manufacturer.

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Hardox® In My Body

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