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When you work hard, you need tough tools. The Hardox® In My Body sign represents the strongest equipment in the market, made from Hardox® wear plate, the world’s leading wear-resistant steel.

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Harder and tougher equipment

Work smarter. Master your challenges.

Hardox® In My Body equipment is hard through and through, giving you extended service life and high productivity in the most challenging environments.

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Make the change.

With Hardox® In My Body equipment, whether it’s excavator buckets, tipper bodies or any other product, you know the equipment is highly productive, durable and cost-efficient.

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Superior hardness and toughness.

Hostile materials find it hard to make a dent on Hardox® steel, which easily resists permanent deformation (like indentation, scratching, abrasion or cutting).

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Hardox® In My Body equipment is lighter and more durable compared to equipment made in mild steel. It’s possible to reduce the steel’s thickness while retaining or even increasing durability, gaining valuable reductions in tare weight for more payload.

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Longer lifecycle and less downtime.

Hardox® wear plate extends the service life of your equipment. Unnecessary downtime can jeopardize a successful business. Certified Hardox® In My Body equipment is designed and manufactured to give you minimum maintenance and repair costs and maximum uptime.

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Sustainability and efficiency

Higher payloads. Less environmental impact.

Lighter equipment equals increased productivity and less fuel used. A win-win situation for both your project economy and the environment.

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What is Hardox® In My body?

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Every Hardox® In My Body manufacturer has earned the right to use the brand. With superior expertise and manufacturing techniques.

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Hardox® In My Body equipment saves both fuel and CO₂. How much? Calculate with the SSAB EcoUpgraded app. Sign up to access it.

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