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Massive efficiency gains for K-Tec Earthmovers

Scraper made by K-Tec Earthmovers
K-Tec Scraper on red dirt.

If improved payloads, better fuel efficiency, and maximized product uptime and lifespan is on your wishlist, then take a closer look at the Hardox® In My Body scrapers manufactured by K-Tec Earthmovers. They are a pioneering Canadian manufacturer of earthmovers, who makes first-rate equipment using Hardox® wear plate, which brings huge advantages for their customers and end-users.

Longer warranties

K-Tec has built the 1263 ADT – one of the world’s largest dirt-moving scrapers – largely from Hardox® wear plate. Because of the enhanced strength characteristics of the steel and the machine design, the company can offer their customers a 3-year structural warranty – something extremely valuable for any construction contractor. Additionally, the use of high-tensile Hardox® wear plate has enabled the company to build the lightest scraper per cubic-yard capacity on the market. This way, contractors can haul around less iron and more dirt, and enhance their profitability.

K-Tec 1237 scraper in action.

High resale value

If you buy or sell heavy equipment, especially in large quantities or for entire fleets, there’s a lot at stake. It’s a huge financial investment, and equipment owners need to get the best value and make their investments last well into the future. Hardox® In My Body scrapers command the highest resale prices on the secondary market since they are made from Hardox® steel which lasts longer.

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